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Attention Cowichan Bowmen Bow Hunters

Just a reminder, If you have had a successful hunt, we would like to know.  If you could send Jim Harper a picture and a short description of your hunt, we will post it in the clubhouse and on the website for the interest of the membership.  Also, there are trophies available for the largest Island Buck,  Mule Deer,  Bear,  Moose, and Elk

Please email hunt information to Jim Harper at jlharp@shaw.ca by Dec 31st, or if you see Jim at the club you can give him a copy there.

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A BIG thank you to all who came out to help rebuild the target wall

















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 No Shooting Broadheads or Crossbows on Butts

A reminder that broadhead arrows and/or crossbows are to be used in the sandpit only and are not to be used on the target or field butts as they wreck the butts.