What’s Happening


Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

After the General Meeting at 7:30 pm.

In the Cowichan Bowmen Archery Clubhouse



A BIG thank you to all who came out to help rebuild the target wall, we did it in record time.

 Thanks to: Chris E,  Darcy D,  Frank P,  John P,  Lindsay M,  Norm A,  Rand G,  Roger W,  Russell O,  Warren D and a couple I didn't get names for.



Read the following and linked documents regarding proposed changes to membership responsibilities, pricing and establishing a club motto so you have some time to review it for discussion and deliberation at the next general meeting on Tuesday, October 8th 2019 so changes can be made at our Annual General Meeting on November 26, 2019.

We hope the member responsibilities section will provide insight to members that our fabulous facilities did not happen overnight, and convey the message that the low membership fees are in some way subsidized by the work of the unpaid directors and members who volunteered their valuable time and effort.  Hopefully this will inspire members to contribute to the work needed to be done at the club.  We also hope to cultivate a sense of pride and ownership in members, thereby spur involvement and participation.


Currently Cowichan Bowmen has a logo.  Perhaps this is an opportunity to create a motto for our club to further encourage involvement.  Something short and simple to cultivate a sense of pride, ownership, participation and involvement.  We kick start this with a few samples.  We look forward to your brilliant ideas at the meeting.

Motto examples


A few pics from a fun day at the Safari shoot



Lots of fun at the New Year's Day Indoor 3D Shoot

There was lots of fun at the New Year's shoot with a large turnout.  Many brought food so the crowd was well fed, too. Click on picture to see a few more pics.




 No Shooting Broadheads or Crossbows on Butts

A reminder that broadhead arrows and/or crossbows are to be used in the sandpit only and are not to be used on the target or field butts as they wreck the butts.