What’s Happening…?

July 2nd, 2024

Good afternoon members!  Please join us on Tuesday, July 9th for our monthly meeting!  The meeting will start at 7:30 pm after Family Night.

We hope to see you there!

May 18th, 2024

May 14th. 2024 Hell Hole Prize Table Donation Request

Good afternoon members!  I have a quick message from Lindsay our 3D director.

"" The Annual Hell Hole 3D shoot is rapidly approaching! We are looking for donations for our raffle/prize table.  Do you have a product or service that you would look good as a door prize or raffle ticket win?  If so, we would gladly accept any donations you would be willing to pass our way.
So far we have a couple of barbecues, a pair of fishing rods, and family passes to a local tourist attraction.  If you, or someone close to you, has something you think would a prize someone would like to take home, please reach out to Lindsay: 3D@cowichanbowmen.com

Submissions end on Tuesday May 21.

Thank you very much for your support!"

Monday May 6th, 2024 Update to 30/60/90 Challenge

May 2nd, 2024

Below is a small message from Mark, the creator of our 30-60-90 challenge!

30-60-90 Challenge Website Message

April 30th, 2024

Introducing…..the 30-60-90 Challenge


30-60-90 Barebow Challenge

The Cowichan Bowmen Executive is pleased to announce the creation of a Barebow competition for all members of the club. It does not matter if you are a currently avid Barebow user, or you may have to dust-off your bow before you use it again. The intent of this internal challenge is to give all club members who use Barebows an opportunity to meet and compete against your fellow Barebow shooters. 

The 30-60-90 Barebow Challenge is intended to be sufficiently testing for all shooters and to require consistency, strength, mental stamina, concentration and determination, each of which is needed to succeed in the sport of archery. 

The 30-60-90 Barebow Challenge will have a deliberately simple scoring and shooting structure. 

Who can participate? All club members, regardless of age, are eligible to compete. Club shooters will be divided into two categories to ensure competitive fairness:

  •   The Junior category will include those shooters up to the age of nineteen (19); and
  •   The Master category will be made up of all other shooters. 

What is the challenge’s format? The 30-60-90 Barebow Challenge is an outdoor shoot at the club facilities:

  •   30 meters: all shooters, regardless of age, will shoot at the range of 30 meters.  This may be an unreasonable expectation for some of the youngest shooters and rare exceptions may be granted based an obvious inability to shoot at this range;
  •   60 arrows: Each round is composed of ten ends using 60 arrows (6 arrows per end) on a standard 120 cm target. The competition will require the completion of 10 score submissions of which only the best six (6) scores will be counted in the final standings;
  •   90 days: This year’s competition will commence on 1 May and be complete on 31 July). All shooters must complete the required rounds within this time frame. 

How will the challenged be scored? Scorecards specifically for the 30-60-90 Barebow Challenge will be available to shooters at the box next to the main door, and completed cards will be collected and tallied. 

How will winners be recognized? The two winners will be awarded a trophy that will be displayed within the clubhouse and presented by the Club President at an appropriate time. 

Questions? If you have questions please call Mark Baker at 250-882-3220 or at mbaker.security@gmail.com

March 19th, 2024

Good evening Bowmen,
I am excited to be seeing the weather warming up in the valley. As the weather gets nicer, I know more and more of you will be coming back out to the club to use the outdoor areas.
I would like to take this time to quickly remind everyone of the importance of making sure to use the sign in book at the clubhouse. The sign in book is incredibly helpful for us to know exactly who was at the club for safety and security reasons. A quick sign in and out will go a long way to keep our club as amazing as it is already.
I kindly would also ask that we remember to lock both the gate and clubhouse when you leave the site. Making sure our site is secure is an easy responsibility that we all can take part in.
Finally, I would remind all members that you need to have your membership card on you when you are at the club. Carrying your membership card is the easiest way to show that you belong and are allowed to shoot there. We want to make sure that only members are using our club to avoid any problems in any form.
Thank you for reading this message. A few simple things are all it takes to to help keep our Cowichan Bowmen Archery Club going strong for many years to come.

February 26th, 2024

Congratulations to our team for making it home in one piece.
After a 17 hour delay to start the trip off with and a host of other complications, our team made it to Quesnel for the BC Winter Games 2024. Stress levels were high and our patience was wearing thin, but our team dug deep and found strength that only an Islander can understand.
When we arrived late for our official practice on the second day, we were met by a standing ovation from the rest of our competitors. The spirit of sport and camaraderie was unbelievable in that venue. Our team managed to squeeze in very quick practice after everyone else was finishing theirs.
The next three days of shooting were breathtaking to watch. Our athletes were unbelievably positive and demonstrated top level sportsmanship by cheering on and encouraging all of their competitors.
Each one of our athletes acted as ambassadors of sport and they spread the good natured attitude of Vancouver Island. Officials and other coaches were commenting on how our athletes were spreading positivity every where they went.
After three days of competition, the Zone 6 Archery team brought home 4 gold medals, by dominating both U18 men’s and women’s barebow. Our athletes came home exhausted and excited from their grand adventure.
Congratulations to the team and thank to all of you who helped us get there and cheered us on.

Feb 24th, 2024

January 29, 2024

January 19th, Safari Shoot Work Party

Good evening Bowmen!  I hope that this message finds you somewhere nice and warm over the winter season.

As you might have been already aware, we are approaching our first 3D shoot of the yearIn preparation for this years Safari 3D Shoot, we will be having a work party on Saturday, January 27th.  Our 3D Director has been hard at work organizing so far and he has let us know that it can be a pretty easy and straightforward day.

We would ask for any help you can offer starting at 9:00 AM on Saturday, January 27thCome on out and help set up the first shoot of the year!  It can also be a great opportunity to learn more about 3D shoots if you haven’t done so before.  Events like this are made possible by hard work from members, so come on out and help out the Cowichan Bowmen in starting their year off.

Did you know that participating in a work party or volunteering at events can reduce your yearly membership fee?  Since there has been a significant amount of snowfall recently, there will definitely be work that needs to be done for the Safari shoot. The age old cliché still stands true, many hands make light work.   We hope to see you out at the club on Saturday, January 27th.

January 17th, 2024

Good afternoon Bowmen! Due to the weather, there will be no Family Night tomorrow Thursday, January 18 2024. We will see you next week!

January 15, 2024 Code Changes

Good afternoon Bowmen!

The codes to the front gate and clubhouse will be changed today, Monday January 15th.  You will be receiving your new codes today via email.  Make sure to check both your main and junk mail folders to confirm you have the new codes.

January 9th, 2024 Safari Shoot

October 22nd, 2023 AGM Reminder, Directors Positions, and Motions

Hello Bowmen Members,

Our Annual General Meeting is quickly approaching and set for November 28th, 2023.  We will have a short General Meeting starting at 7:30 pm with the AGM beginning at 8:00 pm.

Attached are the motions that will be discussed at the AGM.  Your voice is important to guide these discussions and I encourage you all to attend.  The decisions made at the AGM, by the Members in attendance to vote, are final.  Be part of the process.
In addition to the motions, we will also be filling all of the Director positions, several of which will be vacant.  Descriptions of the responsibilities of the Director roles are located on our Website.  Please take a look, if you are interested.

Positions we know will be vacant include - President, Vice-President, Hunting Director, Target Director, and Secretary.  The remaining Director positions, including 3D, Kitchen, JOP, Family Night, Communication, Special Events, Membership, Director-at-Large, and Treasure will be acclaimed by the current Director, unless a Nomination from the floor and a Vote is required.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on November 28th.
Darcy Dean
Cowichan Bowmen Archery Club

2023 AGM Motions to Discuss (1)

The 2023 AGM is Approaching!!

The AGM is Approaching!

Here is a quick message from our president Darcy:
Hello Bowmen Members,
This is a "save the date" notice that our Annual General Meeting will be held on November 28th, 2023.
We will hold a short General Meeting starting at 7:30 with the AGM hopefully getting underway by 8:00pm.
A list of topics for discussion will be sent out mid October and all those present will vote on the direction we shall take.
We have several Director positions that will need to be filled as well.
Please make a note of the date and the time commitment to attend.
Your voice is important.
Darcy Dean

On top of this save the date information, I would like to add that next week is our monthly meeting at the club house. The meeting will start at 7:30 after family night ends.  
For the upcoming AGM, members are allowed to put forward motions to be voted on. In preparation for the AGM, we need to have any motions drafted and in writing before our meeting next week on the 10th of October. Any motions can be emailed to me at communications@cowichanbowmen.com.

Thank you for your time reading this and we hope to see and hear from you next week!

Come and see us this Sunday for our Harvest Moon Shoot!

Welcome back JOP!!

Good evening Bowmen juniors.  It is that time of year again to dust of those bows and get ready to come on back to the range.  Tomorrow evening our JOP coaches are inviting juniors to come out have some fun.  It will be a low key start up, going over some plans for the year as well as taking some shots and getting to know each other again.   Come and see us at 6:00 tomorrow Monday, September 11th.

Hell Hole Left Over Prizes

Good Evening.  It has been one week since the glorious weekend we all had together at the Hell Hole.  We have a few unclaimed prizes left over that will still be claimable for the next week.  If you have any of the following prize tickets, please contact us with a picture of the ticket so we can get your prize to you.

Once again there is ONE WEEK LEFT to claim these prizes.

T shirt & Hat

Stanley Cup


River City Bow Strings Gift Pack


Coffee Percolator



Gift Bag

Camping Cookware

Fishing Sign

T Shirt & Hat

Garden Hose


T Shirt & Hat

Portable Emergency Radio

T Shirt & Hat

Ugly Stick Fishing Kit

May 3rd 2023

Mica Tournament 2023

January 30th,2023 Safari 2023 Recap

The 2023 Safari Shoot was a "wild" success!!

Thank you to all who attended our first 3D shoot of the year!!

Thank you to everyone who attended!!

This year's event was a great success and we are thrilled at seeing all of the people back out again.  It's been a long time since things looked something close to "normal" and it was good to see our community back out and at it again.

A big round of thanks to our 3D director Mike and his team of tireless volunteers who helped set up the event.   As always, an event like this takes time and effort to set up so a big thanks to everyone who helped out.   We look forward to seeing you all at the next shoot!

January 12th, 2023- 3D Safari Shoot Announcement

January 2nd, 2023 New Years Shoot!

September 21, 2022

Work Party for Harvest Moon 3D Shoot

Hello to all Cowichan Bowmen Members,

There will be a work party on Saturday October 1, 2022 at 9:00am to setup for the Harvest Moon 3D Shoot the next day. If you can come out and give us a hand for part of your day, it will be appreciated.

Cowichan Bowmen Archery Club


September 21, 2022

Harvest Moon 3D Shoot
Everyone Welcome!


June 6, 2022

Hello Bowmen Members,

The Hell Hole is done for the year. I want to send out my special thanks to Mike, Barry, and Lindsay for building an exceptional course, loved by all that shot in the mud, rain, and even some sunshine. Amanda and her team of awesome girls keeping the kitchen ready to roll, and Sara for building a fantastic prize table for all to enjoy. All of the other volunteers who put in their time to help out also deserve a hand - nice job, everyone.

Attendance at the shoot was, well, poor. Less than half what we were expecting each day. The rain made a huge impact - but only on our local shooters. Shooters from Port Alberni, Victoria, Parksville, Cambell River, Vancouver, Burnaby, Courtenay, and two from Calgary, Alberta made up over 85% of attendees. Not sure what that means, but it certainly was notable.

Congratulations to Robert Berry on the $122.50 50/50 win on Saturday and Robert Cowley on the $92.00 50/50 win on Sunday.

We also have a list of prizes yet to be claimed. If you have the following ticket #'s get in touch with me at president@cowichanbowmen.com and I'll arrange whatever needs arranging.

Ticket holders have until June 30th to contact us and after that - the prizes will be set aside for the Harvest Moon shoot in the fall.

Ticket # 3024060 - Bowtech hat
Ticket # 3024070 - Elk Call Kit
Ticket # 3024027 - Shockey T-shirt
Ticket # 3024092 - Deer Call Kit
Ticket # 3024082 - small First Aid Kit
Ticket # 3024103 - Gloves
Ticket # 3024057 - Lee Leather Tablet Holder
Ticket # 3024033 - Easton Arrow Lube
Ticket # 3024036 - Target Bag
Ticket # 3024091 - Yeti hat
Ticket # 3024104 - Large First Aid Kit

Thanks, everyone for coming and we will hopefully see you again next year or maybe in the fall.



July 2, 2022

General Meeting July 5, 2022

The next monthly general meeting will be held on Tuesday July 5, 2022 at 7:30pm at the Cowichan Bowmen Archery Club.

All members are welcome to attend and help shape the direction of their club.

June 14, 2022 Minutes
July 5, 2022 Agenda

Thank-you and see you there!
Cowichan Bowmen Archery Club




ATTENTION! - All Cowichan Bowmen Archery Club Members

The club has been notified by the owners of the land that surround the Cowichan Bowmen Archery Club that their electric fence is active and turned on to it's maximum setting.

DO NOT TOUCH or come in contact with this fence as it could cause you or others that are in your care such as children or animals serious harm. This fence is designed to repel Elk which are large animals so please be careful and stay clear of the fence.


No Shooting Broadheads or Crossbows on Butts

A reminder that broadhead arrows and/or crossbows are to be used in the sandpit only and are not to be used on the target or field butts as they wreck the butts.