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October 4, 2021

October 2021 Monthly General Meeting

The monthly general meeting will be held on Tuesday October 5th, 2021 at 7:30 pm at the Cowichan Bowmen Archery Club.

It's important to know that if you want to bring forward a topic for consideration at the Annual General Meeting next month it must be done at this meeting. It cannot be done at the annual general meeting.

Click here to download the agenda for the upcoming meeting.

All club members are welcome to attend and help support their club.

Hope to see you there!
Cowichan Bowmen Archery Club

“Aim to get involved - Target family fun”


August 18, 2021

breakout poster v 2 8 x 11

August 8, 2021

August 3D Shoot Update - Volunteers Needed

Hi Cowichan Bowmen Members!

You are invited to join us as a volunteer in helping put out the 3D targets on the club's course on Saturday August 21 at 8:00 AM in preparation for "The Breakout Shoot" the following day.

We'd certainly appreciate your assistance in helping make our first 3D shoot in quite sometime a success.

If you have any questions about this invitation please don't hesitate to contact our 3D Director using the contact form on this website.

Cowichan Bowmen Archery Club


July 31, 2021

August Monthly Meeting & 3D Shoot Update

Hello Bowmen Members,

Plans are shaping up for the 3D shoot on August 22nd. We've called it "The Breakout Shoot". Two 20 target rounds kicking off at 9:00 am.

It's time to get back to what we love to do. Having said that - it's also time to consider stepping up and helping out.

Our Vice-President, Richard Kennett, will be chairing the first in-person monthly meeting on August 3rd at 7:30 pm at the Club to continue with the planning for the setup.

I encourage you all to lend your support to make this shoot and everything else we have going on happen.

Thanks for your support,
Darcy Dean (President)


July 13, 2021

Upcoming 3D Shoot - Family Night - Cowichan Exhibition

Thanks to all who attended the July Meeting.

Some big things starting to happen to begin moving forward and back to a thriving Archery Club.

On August 22nd we will be hosting a 3D shoot and we are looking for a classy name. “Breakout Shoot”, “Welcome Back 3D”, “3D Hunter Warm-up” ??? The shoot will be an in/out format down the main road. It Will commence at 9:00 am, $20.00 individual entry, $50.00 for a family, a limited concession and 50/50 draw will also be available. We will need assistance to prep, set up and run the event – so if you have some time – let us know. More info to follow.

Family Nights are returning in the limited format starting July 20th. Pre-booking times are required with Richard at Bucky’s and will be restricted to 10 archers from 6:00 – 7:00 and 10 archers from 7:00 – 8:00 on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Get hold of Richard at Bucky’s for more info or to schedule at time.

We will also be having a shooting booth at the Cowichan Exhibition again this year. More details to follow but if you can help – get hold of Carlos. We will need lots of volunteers to make this a success.

We are still working on Membership Cards for our Members and will hopefully have them ready to send out in the very near future. Stay tuned

Next Meeting will be at the Clubhouse on August 3rd @ 7:30 – in person…. Welcome Back!!


July 1, 2021

Huge Shout Out To Those Who Braved The Heat

Huge shout out to all those brave wood-splitting worriers that came out on Sunday June 27 to brave the heat before it became too much. We have more than enough split to fill the shed and keep us ahead of the game for the winter chills.

If anyone has an extra 15 minutes either before shooting or afterward - if you could lend a hand to stack the piles away it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone for some great work.

I also hear rumours of some plans for a 3D shoot in the near future. We will need more of these work parties to get cleaned up enough to make this happen.

Your help is always appreciated and surely needed.



June 10, 2021

Club Work Party. We Need Your Help!

As we move closer to hopefully re-opening the Club, the list of things that needs doing keeps getting longer. We are hoping the rules change on the next update and we are able to have a Work Party on Sunday, June 27th starting at 9:00 AM.

We need to clean up the property, cut a ton of firewood, layout the target field, and just generally dust off the Club. We are also still hoping for a 3D shoot in the fall. Time to start working on that as well.

We need your help!

We are also in the process of creating Membership Cards that will be handed out. Once created and issued these cards will be required to be with all Members when at the Club.

Stay safe and happy shooting. Hope to see a good turnout for the Work Party on Sunday, June 27th at 9:00 AM.

Thank-you for your support 🙂


March 15, 2021

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Workparty and reminders March 10^J 2021

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March 15, 2021

Membership Renewal and Locks Changed

This is a reminder that all locks are being changed today March 15, 2021. If you haven't renewed your membership and want to continue using the great archery facilities the club has to offer then please renew your membership.

Cowichan Bowmen Archery Club

ATTENTION! - All Cowichan Bowmen Archery Club Members

The club has been notified by the owners of the land that surround the Cowichan Bowmen Archery Club that their electric fence is active and turned on to it's maximum setting. DO NOT touch or come in contact with this fence as it could cause you or others that are in your care such as children or animals serious harm. This fence is designed to repel Elk which are large animals so please be careful and stay clear of the fence.

No Shooting Broadheads or Crossbows on Butts

A reminder that broadhead arrows and/or crossbows are to be used in the sandpit only and are not to be used on the target or field butts as they wreck the butts.