Target Tournaments

The following is a list of local, island, and other shoots that may be of interest to members.

There is no guarantee of the accuracy of this data, so please check in with tournament organizers before attending to avoid any disappointment!

2020 Target Shoots

Event and Contact
(All Events are Cancelled Until Further Notice)

Jan 02 - Mar 31 Indoor Mailmatch begins, Cowichan Bowmen, Darcy Dean
Feb 29 MICA Shoot, Cowichan Bowmen, Darcy Dean
Apr 04
JOP Indoor Championships, Cowichan Bowmen, Roger Walker
May 23 55+ BC Games Qualifier, 900 Round, practice 9:00, scoring 10:00, Roger Walker
Jun 1 - Sep 30 Outdoor Mailmatch Begins,  Darcy Dean
Jun 27or 28 JOP Regional Outdoor Championships, Cowichan Bowmen, Roger Walker
Jul 18 8th Annual Bowmen Double 720/900 round, Cowichan Bowmen, Darcy Dean
Aug 15 Cowichan Bowmen Family Fun Shoot, Indoor 3D, Flu-Flu and other fun stuff, Darcy Dean